Quick photo changer

Apply artistic elements to your digital photos with this program.

Photo To Color Sketch provides users with a fast way to convert their standard digital photos to something more artistic. With simple commands and noticeably different results, this program will quickly find fans.

The program's interface is quite simple, focusing mostly on before and after shots of your photograph. Command icons are above and the controls to alter a photo are simple to understand and master. Our only complaint was that the Help file was very primitive, giving only a little instruction. Converting a picture into a sketch was as simple or difficult as users would like. Divided into two separate icons for Standard conversion and Advanced conversion, users are free to choose their level of involvement. Standard has default settings that work fine and a few sliders that adjust whether the image is a sketch, a crayon, an oil painting, or other artistic masks. The Advanced option operates on a similar principle, though each style has more control. Either choice will result in fast, noticeable differences that mimic the physical artistic style depicted. The program is very basic and does not feature any special features. One we would like to see is a preview box within the Standard and Advanced commands, so users can see the subtle differences each adjustment makes.

Regardless, this program was simple to use and its results were substantial, which make it a great download for those looking to make artsy changes to their photos.

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