Photo info gatherer

Learn every digital detail of your photos with this tool.

Picture Information Extractor gives users the ability to see hidden information within digital photos. While this program will not appeal to everyone, those serious about photography will love it.

The program's interface is incredibly busy, but manageable. By balancing a file tree, photographs, and two screens of dense information, the designers could have laid this out in a more intuitive way. Luckily, a visit to the Help file and a little experimentation should help get most users comfortable. Once we had a feel for the program, we found it incredibly fast and helpful. With all necessary information laid out on the screen, it was only a matter of a few button clicks between selecting a photo from the file tree and having it appear on the screen with its details present. These details are the main attraction here. While users can alter the date the photo was taken with a simple calendar option, it's the photographic details that will hook serious photographers. Everything from F-stops, exposure time, light source, and dozens more categories help document every aspect of the shot. The program also provided features for rotating and cropping photos, which was a simple and easy addition to an already impressive package.

With its ability to dig into the technical nuances of a photo, this program will confuse novices and have experts jumping for joy. While its 15-day trial doesn't feel long enough, it's enough to know whether Picture Information Extractor is for you.

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