Duplicate file finder

Save space and locate duplicate files with this handy program.

Space Hound 4 provides users with a simple method for tracking down wasted space. By seeking out duplicate files, this simple, professional-quality program is certain to win fans looking to improve computer quality.

The program's interface is colorful and professional, with excellent graphics and colors. The intuitive controls allow even novice users to work their way through the program without consulting the Help file, which we thought was a certain benefit. Users can choose to seek out identically named files, exact duplicates, files with identical content, and nonspecific file types. Once chosen, the computer can take up to several minutes (depending on the size of your computer) to scan for duplicates. All the while users are shown each folder being scanned, how many files have been checked, and how far along the process is. Once complete, users can choose to delete duplicate files with a few button clicks. The program offers an almost overwhelming amount of special features. Luckily, each enhances the overall ability to find duplicates. Narrowing your search to focus on only compressed files, certain dates, or specific sizes was simple and effective. These bonuses will certainly help users looking for specific dupes.

With professional interface and excellent results, this program (with trial limitations on deleting files) is a great tool for users who need to find every available byte of free space.

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