Interactive gaming screensaver

Play a game with your screensaver using this program.

ScreenPlay Pong performs double duty as a screensaver and a video game. Users with a nostalgic streak for long-forgotten video technology will love this primitive combination.

The program's interface is thankfully just as bare bones as the actual imagery onscreen. Users set up their screensaver much like any other, by navigating a small bank of radio buttons that control timing and color. We did not see a Help file, but this program is so basic, it didn't concern us. When working, the screensaver looks like the old video game Pong. A simple ball bounces among the screen's four walls and battles against a bar that acts as a ping-pong paddle, attempting to keep the ball in play. Setting up the screensaver is simple, as controls allow for 5, 15, and 30 minutes of idle time before functioning. In addition, by managing a few button clicks, users can colorize the game and turn off the autoplay option, so they can use their arrow keys to play the computer in a game. The program's finest and only special feature is its ability to preview what the screensaver will look like once it is activated.

With incredibly simple controls and excellent results, this freeware program is a great download for someone looking for a nostalgic screensaver.

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