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SceneWriter Pro offers budding screenwriters a way to organize their great ideas in an industry-recognized format. With easy controls and surprisingly professional results, this is a great tool for creative minds.

While the program's interface is not exactly intuitive, it has several things working in its favor. First, a little experimentation quickly unveils how its main screen and four smaller satellite screens (along with several command icons) operate. As users explore, the program pops up a screen with a helpful tip for that specific function. Finally, the program's Help file will eliminate any other operational questions. The program operates like a traditional word processor, except users can select Slug Line, Direction, Character, Parenthetical, Dialogue, Transition, and Shot from a menu. Depending on the command, text is formatted to reflect this choice to be understood by actors and directors. Additionally, the screens around the main script help organize characters, locations, directions, and timing. The timing element is by far the most interesting feature the program offers. While SceneWriter eases the script-making process, it doesn't perform a task users couldn't get with more work on a word processor. However, the upper-left-hand corner automatically keeps track of how long a scene runs and can also track total running time.

This program's 30-day trial (with Save and export, cut, and copy disabled) is long enough to get a real feel for how your screenwriting will be much more organized and we recommend it for anyone looking to write a film or play.

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