Simple phone book

Store contacts and dial numbers with this primitive program.

MyPhone Book Dialer could not perform its functions of storing contacts and dialing numbers much more simply. Users will be able to jump right in, thanks to its simple design and quick results.

The program boasts an incredibly intuitive interface as far as the datebook goes. Field requirements are obvious and quickly inputted. The only snag was that users hit an arrow key to save their work instead of a Save key. Dialing a number was equally simple, but users may want to visit the Help file to ensure their phone is set up properly. Users will have an easy time organizing this program to work for them. By filling in standard fields like name, address, phone number, e-mail address, and Web site, users get a snapshot of their contacts. Users can cycle through the various people using arrow keys or type a name into the search engine to bring up their contact information. Dialing a phone number was surprisingly easy. With a small icon next to the number, users press the button and the phone starts instantly dialing. Users will want to take time to ensure both their computer and phone are synced up properly. The program is light on features, preferring to focus on its simple tasks. One feature we would have liked to see would be a phone-book-style listing of all our contacts.

Still, with a simple layout and great results, this freeware program will help users of all skill levels manage their contacts.

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