Mathematics focused screensaver

Fill your screen with exciting colors and designs with this screensaver.

MBSS Gravity Wells uses space-aged thinking to create a screensaver. While it looks gorgeous, there are some complicated elements that may scare off some users.

The program's interface is two-fold. Anyone happy with the default settings will simply enjoy the images on the screen. However, attempting to adjust the settings will discover a world of gravitational and geometric jargon that will confuse. Fortunately, experimenting won't hurt a thing. However, the Help file doesn't provide much insight. The images Gravity Wells produces are fascinating geometric shapes that utilize the entire color wheel. Users interested in changing the patterns will discover a complicated configuration featuring several places to adjust things like vertical gravity, emitter patterns, and other technical terms. Users should not be scared to try, though, since you can easily cancel the changes and go back to default. The program's best feature is the ability to preview the changes made in Configuration. This simple small screen is started and stopped with a single button and can help users understand what the mysterious commands actually do.

The trial for this program places a watermark message across the screensaver. While users may be intimidated by the technical talk, this program provides a fun, interesting way to save your display that should not scare anyone.

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