Geometric screensaver

Add colorful swirls to your display when your computer is resting with this program.

MBSS Starfields is a stunning program featuring beautiful swirls of colors at your command. However, that command may require a mathematics degree to master. Regardless, it quickly pretties up a display.

The program's interface is regrettably complicated, but does not really need to be dealt with too deeply. The actual screensaver has default settings that should be good enough for most users. Digging deeper to make adjustments, though, is a confusing tangle of geometric and mathematical terminology that will have a limited appeal. The Help file actually does a better job of explaining the scientific principals this program works on, than helping users operate it, which makes it pretty much a waste. The star-filled screensaver is a delightfully changing stream of colors and patterns. Looking like a rainbow twisting its way through outer space, users will enjoy how this screensaver doesn't stay in one place for long and is always providing some surprises. The program's default settings will be fine for most users. However, those wanting more control can dig into its features. This gets off to a rough start, since its configuration options are hidden and are accessed only by right-clicking the desktop icon. Within, users will find a clutter of adjustable settings, revolving around complex mathematical terminology (such as Solar Wind Adjustment, Vertical Gravity, and more) that is best ignored.

The program's trial places a watermark across the screensaver. While it is best to keep the default settings, this program offers an impressive way to let your computer sleep.

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