Simple fraction calculator

Calculate fractions and decimals with this incredibly easy tool.

Fractions n Decimals provides users with help in the complicated world of mathematics. By breaking these mathematical equations into two simple calculators, users will easily get answers.

The program's interface was delightfully intuitive, even for those who aren't masters of mathematics. With simple icons that should look familiar to anyone who has used a calculator and nothing extra to confuse, users should have no problem utilizing this program's features. In addition, a Help file is available to shed more light. Calculating fractions is as simple as inputting the numbers into the open spaces set up like a fraction equation. Below are buttons to add, subtract, multiply, and divide these two fractions. Answers appear quickly and accurately. Decimals are just as easy to calculate. After choosing the Decimals button on the Fractions Calculator, a new screen appears with a new calculator. Users simply input the decimal in question and press the button to convert it to a fraction. These answers also appear legibly and quickly. The program is incredibly sparse on special features, but provides easy movement between choices. Its best option is the way that users can simply press the multiplication, addition, subtraction, or division sign in succession and see the answer without having to re-input the original fractions.

Thanks to simple controls without any distractions, this 10-use trial is enough to learn that this is the perfect download for those struggling with fractions and decimals.

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