Quick cropping program

Adjust the size of any picture with this fast tool.

Click 2 Crop provides users with a fast and easy way to resize any photo. While the primary action is fantastic, users may get overwhelmed with the special features--some necessary and some unnecessary.

The program's interface is initially very intuitive. Looking very similar to other photo-editing software, it should come natural to anyone with such experience. However, the wealth of command buttons along the top will require a quick trip to the Help file for definitions. Resizing a picture will feel instantly familiar to those who have seen and operated photo-editing software before. A box made from a dashed line appears around your shot. By clicking on the box and moving your mouse, users can adjust the size and shape of the picture. The result is featured in another box to the right. Users should quickly master this technique with no troubles, thanks to its simple cause and effect setup. Things get complicated, however, when users try to utilize the many special features along the top. While some were very helpful, such as the one-click tool for tilting a picture, most were confusing and over the head of novice picture editors. Tool for varying output size, adjusting the color and other special features felt overwhelming and can, fortunately, be ignored.

While it has the power to confuse and overwhelm, users should get a good feel for this program's fantastic function over its 15-day trial period.

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