Text language detector

Learn what language any text is written in with this program.

Aml Maple provides users with an instant indication of a text's language. While some users may be confused by its lack of direction, the program will benefit those willing to experiment and learn.

The program will most likely confuse most users. There is not a great deal of direction for Aml Maple and its Help file doesn't do a very good job of explaining this program. However, with some clicking around on the program's icon in the desktop tray, users should get a good enough feel for the product to utilize it. Users who see text written in a language they do not recognize need only perform a few steps to learn its origins. Users must first activate the program by punching in the hot-key combination. Confusingly enough, an American flag (or it can be changed to a British flag) appears next to the text no matter what language is viewed. Users who click on the language will quickly see a small abbreviation for the language. For example English is EN, French FR, Chinese CH, and so on. The program operates quickly, easily and identifies more than a dozen languages. The program doesn't offer many special features, but does give the user a lot of flexibility. With a few button clicks, users can change the hot-key command, change the mouse cursor, and even change the flag.

While it gets off to a rocky start, this freeware program proves to be easy and effective to those who experiment with it for a while.

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