Small wallpaper collection

Decorate your desktop with six fantasy-themed images.

From the deep wallpapers is pretty straightforward. It is, as promised, a collection of six images in both 2,560x1,024-pixel and 3,200x1,200-pixel resolutions. If you're looking to add a few fantasy-themed images to your collection of wallpapers, this might do the trick.

The images come as a zip file and that's pretty much all there is to it; there's no real program, nothing to install, no Help file. You download the images and set them as your wallpaper as you would any other. The images are fairly high quality and may appeal to a sci-fi/fantasy fan; a representative image shows a piece of parchment paper on which a giant skull is depicted emerging from a lake. Most feature landscapes, some with abstract elements that are reminiscent of aliens or other other-wordly beings.

From the Deep Wallpapers is free with no limitations. We recommend it for anyone who is a fan of this style of art.

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