Mediocre animal screensaver

View African animals and hear bad music with this unremarkable screensaver.

African Animals Screensaver, as you might expect, displays photos of African animals and plays built-in music. This sounds nice in theory, but with minimal effort you could probably create a better version of it yourself.

The screensaver's interface is obvious enough and contains the typical screensaver options; users shouldn't have much trouble figuring it out. Those who do need assistance can access a brief Help file in text file format, but there's really not much to either the program or the Help file. The meat of this program is the photos of African animals and three "jungle tunes," but neither is particularly impressive. In fact, "not particularly impressive" is a pretty generous assessment. Some of the photos and all of the music are downright bad. The full version promises 44 images, but if the 15 included in the trial version are representative, we've seen enough. We could only locate two of the three promised songs, both of which were horrible and sounded like they had been recorded by an amateur synthesizer player. We identified one of them as a particularly awful rendition of Toto's "Africa."

In addition to the limited number of photos, the trial version contains advertising that encourages users to buy the full version. The program does install and uninstall without issues. Overall, we do not recommend this program; there are other much more attractive and enjoyable screensavers out there, and you'd do just as well collecting some animal photos from the Internet and cobbling one together yourself.

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