Useful form filling program

Ditch the typewriter and complete forms neatly on your computer.

Form Pilot Pro lets users complete forms--both paper and electronic--without using a typewriter or doing it by hand. The program takes a bit of getting used to, but users with frequent form-filling needs will find it quite beneficial.

The program's interface is somewhat intuitive, and much of the toolbar will be familiar to users who are experienced with Word. Some of the important functions, however, are not readily apparent. Users will eventually find answers in the built-in Help file, although it could be better organized. We tested Form Pilot Pro with a PDF file from a government Web site. Importing the form was easy. From there it was just a matter of creating a new text box in each area where we wanted to type and then entering our information. The program works similarly for paper forms; users scan the form, insert their information into the electronic version, and then print the contents back onto the original form. In either case, users can also insert shapes and images and even write or draw freehand with the mouse. In general the program is easy to use, but some functions could be more clear; for example, when we first started typing our text displayed vertically instead of horizontally, and it took a visit to the Help file to figure out how to change it.

There is no time limit on the trial version, but it allows users to print only the first three pages of each document. We recommend this program to all users.

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