Fast scrapbook maker

Customize a digital photo album with this program.

Flip Flash Album Free offers a chance to create and customize a digital photo scrapbook. With a well-planned interface and fun results, it's easy to overlook some of the less important aspects of this program.

Flip Flash Album Free is organized to look like a scrapbook, right down to the spiral-bound middle. You must navigate through several clearly marked tabs and utilize many file trees to organize everything. While it may be overwhelming to novices, with additional support from the Help file, everybody should be able to use this program. Setting up a photo album was a very quick experience that most will quickly grasp. Its file tree and command buttons are spelled out so that inserting photos is a separate and distinct act from organizing cover pages and selecting a theme for your photo album. While creating a specific look was only a matter of navigating through short menus, we found the themes to be outdated, relying heavily on cartoonish graphics, and making it difficult to create something sleek and professional. The program provided one special feature that made it stand out from other photo software: its capability to download MP3s and play them while displaying pictures. This was a fun addition and was just as simple as choosing a picture to insert.

While some of its themes left us wanting more, this freeware program is a great option for people who want a quick and easy photo album and can live without sleek themes.

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