Simple photo editor

Find simple controls with this photo editor.

Turbo Photo offers users the same results as dozens of other photo-editing programs. However, this download sets itself apart with the most user-friendly controls we've tested.

This program has clearly been designed with the user in mind, thanks to a sleek interface that avoids possible confusion at every turn. Where other editing programs offer a tangle of sliders and color wheels that leave a trail of confusion, Turbo Photo simplifies the process by limiting the user's control. While experts may not like this, newcomers will love it and will not need a trip to the Help file. Users can alter the position, color, exposure, and enhancement of their photo by clicking on the icons along the side. Depending on the tool, users are either given a showcase of different shots to choose from (such as the exposure option) or given a simple set of sliders to control the effects (such as with color). Regardless, all appear in a separate screen and are simple to monitor, control, and cancel if the results aren't good.

The best feature the program offers is an option to automatically process a photo. Users who may not know what is wrong with their shot can use this and most likely find their color and exposure drastically improved. By limiting users' ability to control every aspect of editing, novice users will be able to get more professional results over this program's 31-day testing period.

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