Excellent collage maker

Discover how professional quality sets this collage program apart from the competition.

Shape Collage sets itself apart from the competition thanks to its lack of cute add-ons, and thanks to professional results. Users may never look back because this program is easy to use and looks so good.

At first glance, the program's interface is slightly confusing, with a lot of white space and few command buttons. The biggest hurdle is that there is no guidance on how to download photos and make a collage. However, with a glance at the Help file and some random toying around, we felt instantly at home here. Most photo collage programs we've tested prior to Shape Collage only allowed for hazy collections of shots or, worse, childish graphics and clip art. This program, however, skips all those trappings and focuses on making a tight collage that mimics a collection of snapshots spread across the table. Users bank the shots they want to use, choose the rough shape of the collage and how tightly the pictures should be bundled, and instantly create a crisp collection of their favorite shots. Another highlight was that the program saves the collage as a JPEG. The program offers many features that help customize the collage. From simple menus aimed at adjusting the angle of shots, color of border, and size of photos, users have complete control.

With professional results and a lot of power, users should have no problem overcoming the initially confusing setup of this fantastic freeware download to create memorable picture collections.

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