Scientific equation helper

Get scientific guidance from this digital cheat sheet.

Science Data Reference System provides scientific minds with a quick reference sheet and a helpful hand with equations. With a simple layout and topics appropriate for young scientists and those in collegiate-level courses alike, this is a great tool.

The program's interface is a breeze to master thanks to its simplicity. Its scientific focus is divided among four tabs and within each of the tabs, users navigate with a menu along the left side. Each menu is managed differently, depending on what help it gives, but thankfully, all are simple enough to utilize independently, since there is no Help file. We were highly impressed by the variety of information available with Science Data Reference System. Whether looking for biology, chemistry, physics, or general science, a wealth of help was provided. Ranging from charts helping explain things like how many sides are on specific geometric shapes to calculators capable of measuring things such as centripetal force, there was assistance for every level of science here. The program features a helpful search option, which will come in handy for users who are not sure what discipline of science their question falls under. It operates quickly, providing a near-instant scan of the program's contents.

Users should be aware, though, that this trial does not allow access to all information without purchasing the software. This was especially prevalent under the Biology, Physics, and Chemistry tabs. However, the information we were given makes this a fantastic download for scientific minds at all levels.

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