Desktop rearranger

Keep your favorite icon lineup on your desktop with this program.

IconRestorer promises to help users save their desktop icon arrangement just how they like. With a simple focus that works quickly and easily, this program is a great choice, especially for those who share a computer.

This program has a very simple user interface that spells out the options with minimal confusion. The program's tabs help manage the basic functions while each command is clearly marked in terms that even novice computer users should understand. The Help file is buried in the About tab, but shouldn't be needed much, since this program is so intuitive. Users can save their desktop icon configuration with a simple click of a button and can label the configuration, so that several variations can be stored. Restoring desktop layouts is also a simple icon click and restores the arrangement in a matter of seconds. We found that this would be an ideal program for computers with multiple users, since this could eliminate any frustration from everyone changing the desktop to their liking. However, single-user computers will probably not benefit as much from IconRestorer.

The program offers some special features that give the program a lot of depth. Besides adjustable settings for remembering specifics and when the program should start, it also provides an automatic update. For users whose desktop rapidly changes, this simple time-triggered saver keeps users from having to remember to save their icons. While not everyone will benefit from this freeware program, those looking to organize their desktop will not be disappointed.

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