Environmental screensaver

Give your computer a green sheen with this environmentally conscious screensaver.

Green Earth offers users the chance to give their computer screen a green look. This professionally shot screensaver works great, but users may grow bored with its limited number of images.

The screensaver itself turns on and off just like any other screensaver and should not be an issue for even novice computer users. The configuration options were laid out in simple tabs that were intuitive and easy to manage. There is no Help file, but we have confidence users will not need one. The screensaver is a stunning collection of professional photos dealing with our planet. An outer space shot of Earth, a close-up of the veiny green backside of a leaf, and a hand holding a sprouting plant all look great and showcase this program's focus very well. The only downside to this screensaver is its brevity. With only three images, even though they are excellent shots, we fear users will quickly grow bored with Green Earth. The program's features were difficult to access, since there was no icon or button directing us to them. Instead, we had to right click the program's icon in the Start menu. Once we found it, we were pleased to navigate through four tabs that helped customize the color, speed, and transition of the screensaver.

While its images are limited, the screensaver shots are beautiful on this freeware program. Anyone interested in the environment and doesn't mind a small collection of shots should take a look at Green Earth.

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