Ad-filled photo editing program

Edit photos with this basic program, if you can deal with the advertising.

Falco Auto Image is a photo editing program with all the typical features and then some, but the accompanying advertising and data collection software make this program hard to love.

The software's interface is basic. We like that it contains a space for both the original image and the edited one; this allows for easy before-and-after comparisons. The editing tools are accessed through a series of check boxes and buttons that will seem fairly straightforward to experienced photo editors. Those who need explanations will find some guidance in the built-in Help file, but the information is very basic and at times poorly written. All of the standard photo editing features are present, as well as some advanced features that befuddled even our professional photographer friend. The Noise Reduce option opens into a new menu containing six different multifeature filters, but again, the Help file falls flat; the entirety of the entry for this portion of the software reads "Noise reduce option allows to set different noises."

Falco Auto Image is free, but a large swath of the interface is devoted to advertising. More troubling, the software comes with RelevantKnowledge, a program that is widely considered spyware and monitors users' computer habits. This is disclosed during installation, but users who aren't paying attention are likely to miss it. The program does install and uninstall without issues. We recommend this program to users who already have some familiarity with photo editing and need a quick-and-dirty way to get it done, and we definitely recommend that you uninstall RelevantKnowledge.

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