Strong writing and editing

Its handling of editing tools and spreadsheets makes Quickoffice Mobile Suite a good choice for active Excel users--but there are big flaws.

One of the first mobile office tool kits for the iPhone, Quickoffice Mobile Suite is a generous viewer and limited editor. You'll be able to see Word, PowerPoint, PDF, and Excel documents with it, but the application's real power--the part you pay for--is in editing and composing Word documents and Excel spreadsheets. Office 2007 documents are importantly omitted in this version, but you better believe that Quickoffice is pulling in support for it, especially since Documents To Go, a major competitor, can read and write 2007 Word files.

Quickoffice has the usual basic word processing and spreadsheet tools, especially the formatters. It's got cut, copy, and paste, and will be integrating Apple's version in a future release. The formatting tools are logically arranged, fast, and easy to use.

Like others, Quickoffice lets you import files via a USB plug or an ad-hoc Wi-Fi network. It works well, but only if your computer is hooked up to Wi-Fi. Ethernet users will need to go the mechanical route to transfer files. Quickoffice lacks the ability to read e-mail attachments, a major blow for some business users. Yet for that segment of the mobile workforce that actively works with Microsoft 2003 Excel documents, Quickoffice is a sturdy choice.

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