Alternative Web browser

Customize your Web browser with this program.

SeaMonkey provides users an alternative to more popular Web browsers. While not revolutionary, this program provides enough added features to make a fantastic difference.

Anyone familiar with online browsers like Firefox or Internet Explorer will find SeaMonkey instantly familiar. With its buttons and options organized like those of more popular programs, making the transition to this browser should be smooth. The program features an extensive Help file. Surfing our favorite Web sites was a breeze and was so much like the previously mentioned browsers that we questioned what was so special about SeaMonkey. Finding sites and opening new tabs was simple and fast and didn't slip up anywhere. SeaMonkey didn't really assert its uniqueness until we dug around in its added features. Here we found a simple e-mail composer that allowed us to use HTML code to create e-mails. Another built-in feature was a series of Web development tools. Simple push button controls debugged Javascript, checked the error console and Java console, and featured a DOM inspector. In addition, it provided users with a quick IRC chat option.

SeaMonkey doesn't color outside of the lines for its basic functioning, which turned out to be a blessing, because its fantastic features went above and beyond the call of duty. Anyone looking for a change in browsers should give this freeware program a shot.

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