Simple adventure game

Explore new worlds with this beautiful but simple game.

Bud Redhead-The Time Chase is a video game adventure through time and space. While the story is fun, the graphics and game play didn't leave us with a great deal of confidence.

This program's interface is incredibly simple. Gameplay is achieved using the arrow and CTRL keys. Maneuvering through the options is a point-and-click matter. There is a Help file, but anyone who has played video games before will not need to consult it. Playing the game was very simple and most people will be able to jump directly into the action after reading the onscreen backstory and the control tutorial. The graphics were crisp, but cartoon-like, and will not be mistaken for realistic video games available on modern game systems. Our only concern is that you might get bored, as Bud Redhead is somewhat of a throwback to simpler, mid-'90s video gaming and it is not as intelligent as many people are used to today. That being said, the game does offer a special feature to increase game speed, which is sure to make everything more challenging. In addition, there is a lot of reading during the game and nine languages can be utilized for play.

Despite the 60-minute trial, we were able to get a grasp on the game's overall performance. While the game is simple to learn, its graphics and gameplay fell quite flat in our eyes and unless you love this type of game, you should probably look keep looking.

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