Vehicle maintenance manager

Track your fleet's repair schedule with this program.

Fleet Maintenance Pro Deluxe provides users with a way to manage large numbers of vehicles and all their scheduled maintenance. While its versatility is excellent, the amount of work required to keep it accurate may turn some operators off.

The program's interface mimics an Excel spreadsheet and should not seem too mysterious to users. While there are several command icons along the top and bottom of the screen, a little experimentation and a trip to the Help file should help bring anyone up to speed. Managing your fleet of vehicles is simple but tedious. Inputting new vehicles is easy and quick, only requiring a few button clicks and a little information (however, users have the choice to enter a slew of data in the program's fields). Scheduling repairs and maintenance was equally simple and the program reminded us when we had an upcoming visit with the mechanic. The only drawback we found was the intense amount of data entry required to keep the program accurate. For example, to keep your vehicles on schedule for oil changes their mileage must be entered daily so you can be alerted when they hit a specified mark.

The program's features provide users with a deep look at their fleet. The wide variety of reports available allows users to run one on everything from mileage, to scheduled maintenance, to what parts were last replaced. You have 30 days to give the program a try. While it takes dedication to maintain, this program is a great addition to a busy fleet.

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