Diverse piano program

Transcribe and play piano with this program.

FastChords Pro provides a little something for piano players of all skill levels. With an ability to transcribe as well as play songs, musicians will get a lot of use from this program.

This program's ingenious layout makes all its many operations simple to access. With a piano's keys laid across the top and a calculator-like box for all other commands, users shouldn't have to make too many trips to the Help file before they are navigating the program like an old pro. Playing a song was very simple and only required users to input the specific chord on the control panel. This plays the note and shows the finger positions on the keyboard. This is ideal for anyone writing their own song or wanting to hear a song from a fakebook. Recording and playing back music written with FastChords is equally easy, using a panel similar to media players that users may already have on their computer. The design is so intuitive that users of all levels will be utilizing this program in no time.

A few additional features help round this program out. Its biggest add-on was its ability for a MIDI keyboard to be plugged in instead of the digital piano. Though we would have liked a longer trial than the 15 days offered, this program's simple interface and solid functionality make it a great option for musicians of all stripes.

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