Inexpensive file conversion

Convert your images to different types of formats or add effects with this simple program.

This handy program allows users to convert files from TIFFs to JPEGs, JPEGs to GIFs, and much more. Novices will find it simple and easy to use, but professional users will probably want more robust conversion features.

Image Converter's interface is minimal and most options are not difficult to find. Most of the programs features can be accessed from the top or right-hand menus. Though it allows the user to convert files from JPEG to GIF and the like, it would be much more useful to professional photographers and advanced amateurs if it had an option of converting RAW files to JPEGs. Also, oddly, the program does not include the option of manually setting pixel dimensions; rather, it gives the user the option of setting bits per pixel. The program's strength lies in adding simple effects with one click. Your original file appears in the interface alongside a preview window that shows you what the effect will look like, once you click the effects check box. Novices will find that this process suits their needs perfectly; however, more advanced users will wish for more control.

The program has a Help file, so if users need assistance with the program, they can find it there. Overall, Image Converter is better suited for the hobbyist who does not shoot in the raw format and is looking for an inexpensive program with which he can manipulate images. For photography professionals, however, we recommend looking for a more robust image conversion and editing program.

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