Slow translation

Translate words in more than 30 different languages with this dictionary utility.

GoNaomi aims to provide a multilanguage dictionary with which users can look up words in different languages and compare them side-by-side within the program's interface. Unfortunately, its slow performance and lack of translation options left little to be desired.

From the get-go, GoNaomi functioned slowly. The program indicated that there was a "fatal SQL" error, which led us to believe that there could be a problem with the program's database. Since the program is essentially a database, this is a very large problem indeed. We tried the program by selecting English as the language to which we wanted words translated. We then selected Russian, and typed the word "cat" into the search box. GoNaomi translated the word for us, and it did so when we tried a few other languages. We wished the program had an option to translate more than just one word at a time, which could come in handy for both business and casual travelers alike.

The version of program we reviewed is free, with an option to purchase it. There is no mention of what added features you get with the paid version of the program. The program's menu has a Help button, but it does not contain useful help; it merely directs you to the program's Web site. The program installs and uninstalls easily, but adds shortcut items to your desktop without asking. Thanks to its slow performance and lack of options, we recommend that users look for a more functional translation program.

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