Yakkers, rejoice

While YouMail for iPhone app needs some work implementing push notification and optimizing its interface, the service itself works extremely well.

YouMail's visual voice mail service adroitly blends voice message management in the cloud with an on-phone in-box for hands-on filing. After following the step-by-step activation process of only a few minutes, you'll be able to view the voice mail messages you missed from the app's in-box. More importantly, you're able to play the message in any order. Contrast this to the traditional method of calling an access number, inputting your PIN, and listening to your messages in chronological order. For those whose in-boxes remain full, either through neglect or significant popularity, the ability to skip around and prioritize message retrieval is a boon, if not outright telephonic liberation.

YouMail isn't the only service to do this, and unfortunately, its iPhone app is underdeveloped compared to its cloud service. YouMail for iPhone retains the basics found on YouMail's Web app and on the in-boxes for other mobile platforms--a message in-box where you can see your callers and replay your calls, and management tools to save, categorize, and even forward messages to other recipients. If you subscribe to its premium voice-to-text subscription service, the transcribed message will also appear. On the downside, the interface is rudimentary, and the buttons are unnecessarily small. Since the app was released prior to the iPhone 3.0 update, it also lacks push notification, which will be a pivotal improvement to the app's way of informing you of new voice mail messages.

To its credit, YouMail for iPhone carries over its flagship ability to personalize greetings to all or individual callers to it's iPhone interface. You can record a new message from the phone and upload it into your master list of greetings. Being able to upload your phone contacts into your personal YouMail database so that YouMail can correctly recognize and identify callers is the time-saving icing on the cake.

While this app needs some work implementing push notification and optimizing its interface, the service itself works extremely well. We'd recommend it to anyone, but especially to business professionals or social magnates who receive a steady stream of incoming messages.

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