Discover handwriting's meaning

Learn about what a person's handwriting says with this program.

MB Learn Graphology gives users a tutorial and a test on the many details involved in a person's handwriting. With a simple setup, users can begin reading between the lines and interpreting handwriting samples.

The interface of this program was surprisingly simple, given the complicated subject matter. Users navigate the tutorial and the test by mouse clicks that are well labeled. In addition, the photography is crisp and adds to the experience. There is a Help file, but the layout of this program is so self-explanatory most will not need assistance. This program is divided into two primary functions: handwriting tutorial and handwriting test. The tutorial takes users through several different examples of styles and details and explains what each one means. The test allows users to see an example and choose one of the four answers. Learning and testing was simple and fun and certainly made us more aware of the quirks of writing.

The program's main special feature is the capability to learn or test by specific items. For example, if you simply wanted to fast forward to the significance of dotting an "I" and be tested on it, there is a simple option to cherry-pick your topics.

With a simple layout and informative presentation, this freeware download is a great asset to anyone looking to learn more about handwriting.

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