Hindu astrological tool

Discover your Hindu Electional astrology with this versatile tool.

MB Electional Astrology provides users with answers to some of life's most interesting events. From starting a new business to having a baby, this Vedic astrological software dishes out the details of your future.

This program immediately separates itself from other Vedic software we've tested by providing many more options for users. This program allows users to choose a topic that is important in their lives by clicking on a category. From there, the program mimics other astrology programs, asking the user to fill out blank spaces and pull-down menus. The results display on a page that requires scrolling to navigate. If users are confused, there is also an online Help file available. Electional Astrology allowed us to choose to learn about 12 different topics in our lives, ranging from moving to a new home to traveling to medical treatment and everything in between. The program's results were easy to look at, but might take some research to comprehend, thanks to its use of astrological terminology that may not be instantly familiar to users.

One feature we particularly found relieving was the description of the Electional program's uses and methods at the initial page. Most astrology programs we've tested skip this basic step and it helped us feel at home. We recommend this freeware program to any people looking to apply astrology to every part of their lives.

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