Egyptian Zodiac tool

Learn about your Egyptian astrological sign with this simple tool.

MB Egyptian Astrology provides users with a window into the world of the Egyptian zodiac. Utilizing a simple program, users will certainly have a fun time learning about their signs.

This program will not amaze anyone with its design, since it is about as simple as can be. Fortunately, this simple interface makes the shadowy world of astrology much easier to manage. By entering information into boxes and pull-down menus, users are shown a simple-to-read results screen. While MB Egyptian Astrology offers an online Help file, we are confident most users will not need it. MB Egyptian Astrology only requires we input our names and birthdays to get results, which is much simpler than many other astrological tools. From this point, we are taken to a screen that lists all the various qualities of our sign (from Ruling Deity, to Lucky Color, and on) and a picture of that sign. The descriptions are all in layman's terms and will be simple for users of all levels to understand.

Thanks to this freeware program's focused design and simple operation, we recommend it for anyone curious about their Egyptian zodiac details.

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