Zodiac tool

Discover the details of your Chinese Zodiac sign with this simple program.

MB Chinese Zodiac Software provides users with a chance to learn everything about their Chinese signs. The program is simple and has excellent results.

MB Chinese Zodiac Software's interface is very simple and focuses primarily on a few boxes and pull-down menus that users will intuitively navigate through. The results page is simple to read and to understand, so much so that we are confident even novice users will not need to utilize the online Help file to fully appreciate this download. The program functions very intuitively. After entering your name, birthday, and sex, users are taken to a screen that highlights every imaginable angle of their Chinese Zodiac sign. From elements, ruling planets, negative and positive characteristics, lucky colors and more, this program explains the idiosyncrasies of each sign in great detail and in simple language that all users can enjoy.

The program did a fine job of dissecting each Chinese sign, and we felt it didn't hold anything back. Users who are curious about what their birthday means according to the Chinese Zodiac will find this freeware download to be very helpful.

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