Baby gender predictor

Predict your baby's sex with this simple program.

MB Chinese Pregnancy Calendar helps users get a better idea of what sex a child will be, based on a very simple premise. This is a fun option for anyone thinking about starting a family.

The program's interface could not be much simpler. First, you are directed to some pull-down menus to fill in dates. From there, the results screen is static and cannot be navigated through. This program works well by keeping its navigation as simple enough as its results. An online Help file is available, though completely unnecessary. The program functions very primitively, as you need only enter the birth date of the baby's mother and the date of conception for results. From this point, you are taken to a screen that tells you that you are having either a boy or a girl, also adding what the mother's Chinese age is. MB Chinese Pregnancy Calendar also mentions at the bottom of the screen that this program is frequently accurate, but is only intended for fun, which we thought was a fitting disclaimer.

The program offers nothing in the way of special features, which was disappointing, but didn't detract from the overall program. Users looking to take a guess at whether they will be having a boy or a girl will enjoy this freeware download.

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