Celtic zodiac tool

Determine your Celtic sign and the characteristics that match it with this program.

MB Celtic Astrology aims to help users learn more about the world of the stars according to Celtic mythology.

The program's interface is delightfully simple, which we really enjoyed. Where some astrological programs require information like the longitude and latitude of your birth, this one merely requests a name and birthday. These fields were easy to fill out and we got to the results page quickly. The results page is static, which made it simple to read, since there was no navigation required. Any users looking for further guidance can check out the online Help file, though it doesn't provide insight into Celtic astrology. After getting their personal information, users are treated to the details of their Celtic zodiac sign. A central picture shows what their sign looks like; details about the sign are given in the surrounding screen. From Lucky Flower to Ruling Planet and more, the program really lays out your sign. The most helpful part was the paragraph along the bottom detailing the characteristics found in each sign.

With an incredibly simple interface and functionality, we recommend this freeware program for anyone interested in the stars according to Celtic tradition.

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