Capricorn detailer

Learn everything about Capricorns with this simple software.

MB Capricorn Astrology gives users an opportunity to dissect all the traits that make up a Capricorn. This is a great and simple tool for those curious about astrology.

The program's interface is very limited, which will be a blessing for newcomers to astrology. The simple program consists of 15 tabs outlining different characteristics of the Capricorn. A simple online Help file is available, but we are confident users will not need to visit it. The program's function is amazingly simple. Users are given a glimpse of Capricorn characteristics ranging from Lucky Charms to Financial Habits to Health Concerns and everything in between. Each description is written with a minimum of astrological jargon, which makes it accessible to anyone seeking to learn more about this sign.

Despite its small focus, this program does a great job of helping anyone interested in this sign to learn more. We recommend this freeware program for download to anyone needing a quick overview of Capricorns.

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