Discover psychic powers

Use this fun program to see if you are psychically gifted.

MB Psychic Test Software is a fun way for users to see if they have psychic abilities. While it takes a little time to understand, users will soon master this testing software.

The program's interface is initially a confusing collection of radio buttons and a single sharp image of an astrological card. Since the program gives you no direction and the Help file is fairly unhelpful, users need to experiment to get a taste for the program. Luckily, the Psychic Test Software soon proves to be a simple way to try your hand at predicting the future and should be quickly understood by all level of user. The program's functionality proved to be a fun, albeit unscientific, way to test our psychic ability. The basis for the program revolves around a user selecting a number or card that he or she has focused on and think will be next in the deck. The computer shows the next card and tells you whether you were right or wrong. In addition, it keeps your score at the bottom of the screen. Interesting features in this program revolved around its different test decks. Users can attempt to guess numbers, tarot cards, or sun signs.

While this program should not be taken seriously as a test for psychic ability, it is a fun toy to play with. Anyone interested in wasting a little time and playing a guessing game should try this freeware program.

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