Astrological fortune tool

Learn about your sign and its relation to the world with this program.

MB Muhurtha Astrology provides users with an astrological glimpse of several different aspects of their life. Using simple directions and diverse results, there is something here for anyone curious about Vedic Astrology.

The program's interface is inviting, yet challenging, thanks in part to a user's need to go online. While its radio buttons and easily filled-in blanks were friendly, users who do not know the latitude and longitude of their birthplace will have to follow a clumsy link to a Web site to find the answer. From there, though, the program provides answers in an easy-to-navigate fashion that will not require a trip to the Help file. Users choose what they want to know about, ranging from children, to work, education, and many other options. Next, they enter important information, mostly ranging between the date of the event, user's birthday, the above-mentioned coordinates on a globe, as well as time zone and other information. Results are provided on a screen that users can scroll through and read. While easy to manage, users unfamiliar with Vedic astrology will have to do some research to interpret the information.

Overall, users who are willing to do a little online homework are rewarded with a freeware program that details many different aspects of their life according to the stars.

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