Simple astrology tool

Learn your astrological characteristics based on your moon sign with this program.

MB Moon Sign gives users a peek at their characteristics based on the moon. With a simple layout and easy-to-read results, users will embrace this program and its advice.

The program's interface is its lone rough spot, thanks to the information users need to add. Actually inputting the data is not hard, but it requires you to go online and do some research (unless you know the longitude and latitude of your birthplace off the top of your head). Everything else with this program is so intuitive and simple to navigate, users will not have to utilize the Help file. To get your moon sign reading, users must input information like their birth date, time zone of birth, the above-mentioned longitude and latitude, as well as their current home city. These answers reveal your moon sign in a simple to read screen with a large clear picture of your sign and six tabs revealing other information like physique, character, love and compatibility, and much more. Everything was written with a minimum of astrological terminology, which makes it easy for users of all levels to understand.

The program does not offer special features, but it does such a good job of focusing on its priorities, we weren't turned off. While it requires a little extra work to get off the ground, we found this freeware program to be a good match for those interested in their moon sign.

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