Astrological reader

Learn about your Rashi astrological sign, but expect no lengthy explanations with this program.

Despite requiring a great deal of information about one's birth, this program is a great tool for any user interested in East Indian style Rashi astrology. While users are expected to know about this style of reading, it provides a simple layout of information.

This program's interface is simple enough to maneuver through, but anyone not knowing the longitude and latitude of their birth will be ushered to an online site to find it, which we found to be a snag that interrupted the otherwise smooth flow of its design. In addition, there is a Help file that explains how the program functions, but steers clear of any Rashi Chart help. Getting our information was a matter of inputting our birthday, time of birth, the aforementioned longitude and latitude coordinates, and our current home city. From there the program ushers you to a screen showcasing your Rashi chart. The square, multilined chart will be confusing to anyone not familiar with this type of astrology and provides no simple explanation for other details. This is certainly an experts-only program.

In addition, there are no special features aside from the program's main function. Overall, this freeware program gave a quick Rashi Chart but is certainly only a program for experienced readers of astrological charts.

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