Compatibility program

Test your compatibility with a potential mate using this simple software.

MB Astro Compatability Test Software allows users to look at the potential ability to pair up with another individual. While entering some of the details can be a chore, the results are quick and mostly easy to read for novices.

This program's interface is an interesting mixture of simplicity and astrological jargon, which makes it slightly confusing for newcomers. However, the program is easily navigated from its input screen and its results screen, which makes it manageable. The Help file showcases program details, but nothing about astrology. Inputting birthdays and places of birth was a simple matter of filling out the fields; however, discovering a city's longitude and latitude (which is required to complete the program) took us to a Web site which was slightly confusing and time consuming. However, once all the information was entered, the program quickly compared compatibility. The program showcases results in the form of percentages and gives a lengthy discussion about the two potential mates. The only difficult spot for new users is some of the other jargon, such as the scores for Power, harmony, and P*H, which will require some online research.

The program is devoid of special features, focusing on its simple operation. But overall, we felt this freeware program could be managed by newcomers and embraced by those experienced in astrology, and therefore makes a good download.

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