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Preview an outfit with this interesting program.

SmartLook Dress offers users a chance to preview how clothes will look on their body before purchasing them. While this program has its strengths, its description is slightly misleading.

The program's interface was simple to maneuver and work with, even though it unnecessarily broke into two separate screens. Operation moves intuitively, feeling almost like a shopping Web site rather than fashion software. Also, the Help file is a great source of information and guidance for those with questions. Picking clothes and trying them on the model was simply a matter of pointing and clicking, which made this program fast and fun. In addition, adding your own face and body size took a matter of moments and worked better than we anticipated. Our only complaint was how the product's description made SmartLook sound like it would look exactly like your body. The program does a good job of showing how items will match, but is not an accurate representation of how clothes will fit on the human body. However, the program has some surprising features that absolutely enhanced our experience. We enjoyed how users could change the color of any garment with a few clicks (this option is disabled on trial versions). In addition, users can purchase the clothes they try on by following links to online shops.

SmartLook Dress might not give an accurate representation of how clothes will fit on you, but this download's easy operation and ability to match colors and styles was enough for us to recommend it.

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