Cyber card game

Play an action card game online or offline by building a deck and taking turns.

Fans of strategy, role-playing card games may find this game an interesting variation, but the entire experience seems a little bland compared to actually holding cards in your hand and drawing from a deck.

Heartless Victory launches a window with a number of panes for selecting cards to build a personalized deck. The design is rather bland but functional and easy to understand. One pane provides all the info about each selection, and we were able to build multiple decks and save it with its own name. A second window lets players actually use their decks to attempt beating their opponents by playing either online or offline. This free game performed fine during our tests, but it just wasn't as engaging as a face-to-face game with actual cards. The tutorial in the Help feature was very informative with the game's rules, and play was easy to advance thanks to the thoughtful design of the interface. We liked the Chat feature for complementing online play, and the timer kept the action moving.

Only true game fans will find the pizazz in this quasi card game. The price is right for giving a few hands a try, but players who need to see the glint of fear in their opponent's eyes will probably give this app a pass.

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