Spreadsheets protection

Lock your spreadsheets and formulas in binary format and protected VBA code.

Lock up your Excel spreadsheets and secure their formulas in binary format and protected VBA code using this compiler that converts the sheet into an EXE file. It offers options for prohibiting illegal copying and for including an end-user license agreement with the executable packet.

DoneEx XCell Compiler installs a DoneEx menu on the Microsoft Excel menu bar between the Window and Help commands. It performed well in our tests; after saving a worksheet and selecting the Compiler command from the new menu, the add-on launched a dialog box with a variety of options for compiling the sheet into an executable file. Novices may be a bit bewildered by the many options in a cluttered design--Allow Save, Allow Export/Import, Disable Screen Update, Expiration Warning, Analysis Toolpack, and more--but frequent use will quickly expand the user's comprehension. The nag screen with the delayed close that appears before compiling is a slight bother, but the many features DoneEx offers makes overlooking that aggravation easy to do. It securely hides formulas, you can maintain the original Excel workbook after compiling into a separate file, and you can limit the period of usage for the executable workbook. We liked that we could still save changed data into the compiled EXE file, and we didn't have to rely on the original spreadsheet and then re-compile it.

Small businesses and consultants will find many uses for this app. The 30-day trial period is adequate for determining its suitability for more users, and the price isn't too steep to scare off those who find it handy.

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