Fast and reliable

Keep your system in check with this capable program, but don't expect any help.

Your Cleaner is a free maintenance program that promises to rid your systems of unwanted files. It's not the prettiest program to look at, but it quickly and successfully removed all selected files from our system.

The user interface is plain and the command buttons are haphazardly placed around the window, but it's still easy enough to operate. The interface selections change depending on which clean function you select. We first started by scanning our hard drives for unneeded (and unwanted) files. Using the fast scan option, the program very quickly pulled up empty folders and possible privacy infringements. We liked having the ability to manually deselect the items that we didn't want to remove. With a single click, we were able to send all of the found files to our Recycle Bin. Moving on to the Registry feature, the program just as quickly pulled up unnecessary Registry entries. It does offer the ability to back up your Registry before removing any files, but novice users should exercise caution any time a program affects the Registry. And, though it offers a link the publisher's Web site for assistance, the program doesn't offer a viable Help feature. So if you're not comfortable around your Registry, we recommend avoiding this particular feature; deleting Registry files should only be done by experienced users.

The program's Duplicates and Autorun features also let us manage our files and start-up programs. Your Cleaner does a great job of keeping your system running efficiently, even if they layout isn't overly impressive, and it's a handy (and free) tool to keep on hand. We recommend it for any user who is comfortable working with the Registry.

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