Learn about paganism

Learn about everything Pagan with this in-depth program.

MB Pagan offers to illuminate the world of pagans. This simple-to-manage program provides a brief tour of the important days, tenets, and figures of this belief system.

The program's interface is surprisingly easy to navigate, though it's not much to look at. It consists of several tabs highlighting various points of interest in the pagan worldview and often containing simple illustrations. While the program utilizes many subtabs within each topic, users will never feel lost or confused because they are always just a few clicks away from their starting points. The program also provides an online Help file to further define each tab. Users who are curious about paganism are treated to an interesting collection of information. With tabs about the pagan calendar, basic information, pagan festivals, gods and goddesses, etc., users are given simple definitions and drawings that should not be difficult for any newcomer to decipher.

The program is light on special features, except for one: under the pagan calendar option, users can choose to view an actual calendar. While we thought it was good to show a traditional calendar with the various pagan holidays, it was kind of useless, since it only showed 2006 to 2008. While the calendar felt like a washout, the rest of this free program was simple and informative. We recommend anyone with a curiosity about anything paganism to download it.

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