Tarot teacher

Learn and test yourself in your knowledge of tarot with this program.

MB Learn Tarot Software provides users with a way to learn and test themselves in the art of tarot card reading. With a simple interface and helpful organization, this program's minor flaw in its added features can be overlooked.

This program provides users with a simple interface that is very useful toward learning how to read tarot. Divided into separate tabs, users are able to quickly navigate through each and achieve the goal of memorizing tarot cards. Our only complaint here was the Help file's lack of tarot insight, though it did provide step-by-step instructions on operating the program.

The program functions well as a training ground for tarot reading and a testing station. Users can cycle through every card in the tarot deck and learn about their meaning and powers. Once a person has a feel for the deck, a 72-question test challenges you to look at various cards and choose their capabilities. In the end, users are provided with a score and shown how they can improve.

The program's only special feature is the strangely out of place tab for inputting and saving life goals. This appears to have nothing to do with the tarot deck and is there for a user's own benefit. We found it unnecessary.

While its added features were a wash-out, the rest of this freeware download was a pleasure. With simple to navigate tutorials and tests, users can certainly increase their tarot knowledge with this program.

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