Lucky number generator

Discover the numbers of significance with this program.

MB Numerology Pro Software provides users with a tool to look at their lucky numbers from every conceivable angle. While it has an intuitive structure and simple navigation, this program's results may actually overwhelm.

This program's interface is very intuitive, and focuses on a series of boxes that can be clicked open after one's personal information is quickly inputted. Even if users aren't sure what the boxes represent, numerologically, they should have confidence in this program. We would have liked to see a more comprehensive Help file, but overall we were impressed with its simple interface. The program requires users to input their birthday to get answers; however, a world of numerology is at their fingertips once this is complete. Offering more than 20 different number interpretations (ranging from Karmic Debt Numbers to Personal Month and many others) users are given a wide swath of numbers that are significant to their lives. While we were impressed with its range, we felt there was not enough definition for each and novice users may need to seek some outside instruction.

The program is light on special features, which was fine by us, since it offered such an in-depth look at a user's numerology. While the definitions may be reserved for experienced users, we felt that this freeware program's ease of use makes it a good download for those curious about the role numbers play in their life.

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