Kabbalah future reader

Use Kabbalah Astrology to learn your future and your character traits.

MB Kabbalah Astrology provides curious users with a glimpse of their future and their personality traits. While tackling a complex subject, we were pleasantly surprised by this program's user-friendliness.

This program has a simple to use interface, which is a clear benefit for those confused by the vast amount of information presented. With a user-friendly Kabbalah tree and highly readable information about an individual, we were pleased by this colorful display. While there are plenty of onscreen definitions and a comprehensive online Help file, users who are not familiar with this type of astrology might need to seek some outside information. The program's functionality was easy to navigate, even for those unfamiliar with astrology. After entering birthday and sex, we were taken to a diagram of the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, which diagrams various stations that predict users' destiny. In addition, three pull-down menus showcase various characteristics and a user's sun sign and how those relate to that person's life. While the information was easy to access, users who are not familiar with Kabbalah will need to seek definitions for many of the results.

The program offers no special features, which keeps this freeware download on track. While the Kabbalah information might be over the heads of some, this program was delightfully easy to navigate and we recommend it for those with a curiosity in this astrological area.

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