Simple astrology reader

Predict your future and know your sign with this interesting astrology tool.

MB Chinese Astrology Software offers to help users get a better understanding of their place in Chinese astrology. With two very different tools focusing on astrology and I-Ching, this is a simple way to learn about yourself.

What the program lacks in graphics and appearance, it makes up for in its simple interface. The starkly plain areas to enter information are intuitive and the astrological results are very straightforward; however, the I-Ching results were a bit confusing. Thankfully, both are described in detail in the online Help file. This software's functionality was simple and even rewarding. Once a person's birthday and sex are inputted for their astrology, a screen comes up that describes their sign, birthstone, famous people with the same sign, and, most interestingly, a description of their personality. This was the rewarding part, reading how our zodiac sign is supposed to behave and how we fit into those parameters. The I-Ching half of the program was slightly more confusing, showcasing three coins and a button to flip them. The Help file told us to flip them six times for our fortune. Once that was complete, advice was given much like a fortune cookie riddle.

The program features no special features, which didn't bother us. This freeware program stays on track because of its lack of flair. MB Chinese Astrology Software should appeal to those looking for a quick glance at their astrological self.

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